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How does this work?

We host events to help people make new friends. Our premise is simple: you show up with an open mind and a willingness to talk to people. We'll take care of the rest.

Our monthly events are usually free; sometimes there's a small charge related to the activity or venue. Register for the event, show up, start talking to people.

What's this I hear about themes?

Yep, our events have themes. Something to get people talking. When you come to an event up, we'll give you a name tag where you'll put your answer to the night's theme. Boom! Instant ice-breaker.

But how does BtB help me make friends?

We create a crucible for friend-making by regularly bringing together fun, interesting people at venues across the Twin Cities. You talk to people - at one event or over the course of a few - and when you find someone you'd like to hang out with, invite them to do something. Something specific. As in, pull out your phone and schedule something. Or get their contact information so you can follow up later. Whatever works for you. Just do it.

Past Events

01.09.18 | Red Stag Supper Club

12.13.17 | Insight Brewing
11.09.17 | Bad Weather Brewing
10.11.17 | Du Nord
09.21.17 | Sea Salt
08.10.17 | The 508 Bar

08.06.17 | Red Stag Block Party w/ MSP Hello
07.27.17 | Pryes Brewing Company
06.22.17 | HeadFlyer Brewing

05.25.17 | AC Hotel Minneapolis
04.20.17 | Lago Tacos Lyn Lake
04.12.17 | Lakes and Legends Brewing
03.22.17 | Bryant Lake Bowl colab w/ MSP Hello
02.22.17 | AC Hotel Minneapolis
02.09.17 | Urban Growler Brewing colab w/ My Token Friend
01.31.17 | Guthrie Theater
01.12.17 | Inbound Brewco

11.22.16 | Modist Brewing
10.26.16 | Fulton Brewing
09.29.16 | Bottle and Bottega
07.25.16 | Inbound Brewco
06.23.16 | Boom Island Brewing
05.25.16 | Tangiers
04.21.16 | Boom Island Brewing
03.24.16 | Lake Monster Brewing
02.24.16 | Fulton Brewing
01.08.16 | Public Kitchen

12.15.15 LynLake Brewery
10.29.15 | Bottle & Bottega
09.23.15 | Bedlam
08.27.15 | Mason's Barre
07.14.15 | Third Bird
06.16.15 | LynLake Brewery
05.28.15 | Fulton Brewing
03.30.15 | Turf Club
02.14.15 | Northgate Brewing

11.21.14 | Sisyphus Brewing
10.15.14 | Bauhaus Brew Labs
09.18.14 | Fulton Brewing
07.17.14 | Fulton Brewing
06.18.14 | Sociable Cider Werks
05.14.14 | Spill the Wine
04.16.14 | The Loop
03.14.14 | Honey
01.24.14 | 612 Brew
01.08.14 | Spill the Wine

11.05.13 | Second Harvest Heartland
10.16.13 | 612 Brew
09.20.13 | Fulton Brewing
08.09.13 | 612 Brew
06.20.13 | Fulton Brewing


About BtB

The right kind of Minnesota Nice.

Break the Bubble was created to solve a big problem: How do you make new friends in the Twin Cities? Whether you just moved here or have lived here your whole life, it can be challenging to make friends. Some call it "Minnesota Nice" while others say "Minnesotans will give you directions anywhere, except to their lake cabin." No matter how you say it, making friends here is hard. We're changing that.

Purely social.

We exist to help you meet new people and make friends.We're not a professional networking organization and we're not a singles group. (But if people meet at a BtB event and end up dating or finding a job opportunity, all the better.) So it's okay to invite someone you meet at a BtB event to do something - no one's going to think you're asking them out on a date!

So this is a singles event? 

Nope. It's not for professional networking either. It really is for making friends. You can leave the pick-up lines and elevator speeches at home. Cool, huh?


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“Break the Bubble is an awesome opportunity to interact with people and share your passion. There's no preconceived notions, so if you love beer or your neighborhood or dogs, then share the love!”
Christina headshot


“My friend and I were pleasantly surprised when stumbled upon a Break the Bubble event happening at 612Brew. The fun name-tag game helped break the ice and turned what was originally a two-person hangout into a bar-wide conversation. ”
Kristen headshot


“I accidentally walked into a Break the Bubble event at Fulton. I asked what was going on and was immediately invited to join in on the fun. I'd recently moved to the Twin Cities and was looking to meet new people and Break the Bubble provided the perfect way to do that! ”
Molly headshot


“I was warmly welcomed and met a lot of incredible people as well! Break the Bubble is a fantastically innovative way to meet new people. I can't wait for the next event!”
Roger headshot


“I've enjoyed attending Break the Bubble events. They've exceeded all my expectations. Highly recommended!”


“I love Break the Bubble because everyone shows up with an open mind and expects to meet new people. When I moved to Minneapolis I didn't really know anyone, and BtB has helped me a lot in making friends!”

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